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02 Explorer Sport vs 05+ chevy truck

so.....the wife and i were on our way to the grocery store this morning and i noticed these guys from our neighborhood in their loud ass 05-ish chevy truck riding my ass down the road looking like they wanted to pass me. followed me ever so close for about 5 miles, tried to pass me at a 4 lane stop sign and got denied and so rode even closer for another mile or so until it was a nice long stretch of road with no traffic and proceeded to try to pass me. i had been watching what was going on in my mirrors so i was in 4th ready to downshift to 3rd (5 spd explorer sport....the 2 door). They jumped into the other lane at which point i downshifted and proceeded to deny them all the way till i hit my annoying ass 95 mph speed limiter which i also manage in 3rd gear lol. anyways, when they finally were able to creep by they looked super pissed that their 3 yr+ newer truck just got shut down by my BONE STOCK Explorer with 155k miles on original plugs and wires hahahahaha
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Its a 240, it'll never be worth putting money into it. Just build what you want.
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Preston is my hero!!
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tsk tsk tsk street racing is frowned upon....what kind of community do you think this is?

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