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yuck fou
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who can help me wire up my rb25?

okay dudes i have a s1 rb25 in my s14. my shell had absolutely 0 wiring on it when i started building it. no stock engine harness, body harness or anything. nothing. i have a stock rb25 engine harness and its ready to be wired up, but i do not know anything about wiring whats so ever. and none of my friends have experience with rbs is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me? i can offer you beer and possibly money lol. im just ready for this son of a bitch to turn on
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-S13 Go
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240sxorty watch out ebay240sxorty watch out ebay
the wiring harness places have the race only option where as you connect to a constant power source and another wire that you connect to switched power. this is good for gutted chassis. Shops can cut up and wire your existing harness for like 500-800$. The harness option is good for your situation.
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Or you can set your build on fire and buy lots of beer.
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plug and play bruh
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