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Newb Flood Revival Project

Hi ladies and gents! As soon as I saw these forums on google I saw the "Harvey Roll Call" thread and posted this exact same post lol. So If I posted one too many times Mods please delete. Just introducing myself here and what my situation is.

I've recently been given the chance to build a 1992 Nissan 240SX S13 Vert. A friend had given it to me, unfortunately, due to her not wanting to deal with the aftermath that Harvey had caused to her precious Silvia down here. I decided to take the reigns and bring her back to life!

When I first towed the car to my house, I had inspected obvious flood damage. Water was still inside the vehicle. I did what I could and used shammy towels and a large plastic cup to remove as much water as possible that night as I do not have anything to siphon the water out easily. The following day I had put the top down under the sun to dry up whatever moisture remained as much as possible.

I had gutted the car of its panels, seats, and carpet. There is still water where the top sits and I don't want to destroy the top to get rid of the water so for now it'll sit there. Now, I'm currently working on getting the car to breathe and run again.

The battery was dead so I replaced that. After replacing the battery, I tried to crank the car but wouldn't turn. Replaced the starter and that fixed the clicking issue. I checked the spark plugs and they looked burnt out so I also went ahead and replaced those. I got a new MAF sensor as well seeing as how the sensor, even if disassembled, couldn't be accessed to clean the corrosion. So now the car turns and cranks but won't start.

I have done what a YouTube mechanic does and looked up ways to remedy this. I have found that I have no spark, nor does the fuel rails have any gasoline flowing through as I pulled a hose out and nothing but the hint of gasoline but no sign gasoline. So then I decided I'd inspect all the relays and harnesses. By the way, I don't hear the gasoline priming when the ignition is on the 'ON' position.

Some relays/harnesses and fuses still wet, some corroded, and/or rusted so I opened, dried them, and cleaned them as much as I could. I popped open the ECU and the Cruise Control boards and notice they're both fried so I'm in need of a replacement. I hope that is what will resolve my issue regarding getting the car to start. I have tried the starting fluid method, I have adjusted the distributor timing, and I don't know what else to do but to look for an ECU to match my '93 automatic transmission convertible S13.

If anybody has any input I would greatly appreciate it (I probably have done some things you guys suggest but can't think of right now). I know this must have been an eyesore as this is a pretty long introductory post but I felt I should lay out what my situation has been for this car so far. I would really want to get the car running again, swap to a manual transmission, and build a road course track car as I am apart of Team Driven x Blessed LLC! We are track oriented organization and would like this build to be apart of our endeavors!

PS - For anyone in the Houston or surrounding areas interested in participating in one of our track events please PM me! We are currently accepting experienced road course drivers. Our next event is October 12, 2017!
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Welcome !
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still running the stock motor in that vert? if so, i have an ecu for a five speed but will work on the automatic tranny. If you want it contact me via my website sr2nrmotors.com. If you need some help with it, give me a shout and we can see what is going on with it.
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