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Hey, been some time since I last posted on here - just got back on here for a few reasons.
Saw that last time I made a post on here, was unfortunately the same conflict I am finding myself in today - getting notations from lawfirm/EZ tag about unpaid toll violations with the S14 that I had already sold on here to TROJANMAN. Anyway, thought I had it resolved at that time - but apparently he had 7 more violations in that same month. And being the award winning idiot that I am for naively not documenting paperwork or a bill of sale, I find myself in this dilemma. Sooooo, in some effort to make a long post short, reason why I logged back on this site was not only just to try to get documented proof (his posts on trying to sell that same S14 in the same time frame in which the toll violations occurred - http://www.houston240sx.com/showthre...701#post887701 to show DMV/the law firm so I won't have to pay the $400 accrument in charges.) But also to see what everyone who I used to talk to on here has been up to (current rides, projects, builds, etc) - I myself currently have a '08 Altima coupe. Soooo, good to be back....
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