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This section is so that the Houston 240sx community can share their experiences - both good and bad – regarding services rendered by Houston240sx sponsors. If you would like to share your experience with the community regarding services rendered by a vendor please do so in this sub-forum PROVIDING YOU FOLLOW THESE RULES:

1) No Hearsay. This must be actual interactions between you and the vendor in question.
2) DO NOT POST ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS EXPERIENCE ON THEIR BEHALF (unless you have power of attorney to speak on their behalf).
3) Be civil. Remember, this is a public posting about a vendor and slander laws do apply. If you post fraudulent claims about a vendor’s services/goods you will be held liable. Houston240sx.com does not take responsibility for any comments that you may post in this section. However, if we feel that a poster is in question we will remove the thread and/or comments.
4) Direct experience only. Only actual customers may post in a thread regarding services/goods. PERIOD.
5) Describe the interaction completely. This includes using proper English and grammar so that others can understand you. If we can’t understand your thread, expect it to get deleted.
6) DO NOT INSULT OTHERS. We don’t care how mad you are over your experience. Using foul language and insults to prove your point does exactly the opposite and will not be tolerated in this section.

By following these rules you will help support our growing community. By breaking these rules the following consequences will be reaped:

First Violation: 2 week ban. NO WARNING. You get a vacation

Second Violation: Perma-ban – you will be gone permanently. End of story, nothing else need be said.
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