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Originally Posted by drift_student View Post
First of all, I want to clarify that I have not yet decided to compete in the TXSL series, but I have been into drifting off and on since 2004 when Texas Drift was running the Mineral Wells events and Daily Drifter put on the GGP, Belton, Mean Streets/Austin, and San Antonio events. So this is not coming from a "fan boi" hiding behind a computer. I missed Round 4, but spectated at every other event this year.

I think you're missing the point of TXSL entirely.

There is currently no "measuring stick" for the people who can't break into the top 16 with their 200hp cars, since they get eliminated by all of the big build cars. The majority of drifters don't have the cash or extra car to have a full race car. Think about how many people, especially on this forum, have half-assed "built" cars with V-mount setups, 6 brake calipers, extensive metal work, and are trying to build 400+hp, unreliable engines, etc. These people are trying to compete directly with Pro-Am level cars that were built with much larger budgets than the average enthusiast. How much fun is that really? The point is to get more drivers on the track and keep the entry level drivers in a very competitive class that highlights differences in driver skill, rather than letting the same 5-6 drivers who had an extra $15K+ for an insane HP engine setup and truck/trailer combo kick their asses at every event. Aaron is giving an opportunity for drivers to be able to afford competitive drifting by deriving a set of rules that forces drivers to hone their skills instead of sinking tons of cash into parts that make little to no difference.

I also appreciate the emphasis on building other cars outside of the S-chassis! Don't get me wrong, I've owned at least 1 240 since 2003 and am building another now, but I'm really looking forward to seeing other cars out there.

At the end of the day, it's all about getting more people into the sport and having fun! If you don't like the TXSL rules, don't participate and keep trying to play with the big boys in Pro-Am.
That is my point exactly. People need to come to events, participate, volunteer, etc. People need to stop building internet cars and get seat time. I fail to see how TXSL is going to do that. I don't see the difference between a caged SR 240sx with interior compared to one without...

Also, who exactly is going to take the time, effort, and money(time is money) to check cars for internal work? There aren't many STOCK SR turbos laying around anymore.

I just don't see it actually working the way it needs to. The idiots that build motors, but big brake kits, and other dumb shit need to be weeded out. Pro Am does that.
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Howdy people, I will explain a bit. First off, wrecked ran a post I made on Facebook that I posted to my personal page without contacting me to check on if everything was done. The rule book is still not done, and won't be until after Nov 1-2 event. So don't freak out about silly rules like hydro brakes and stuff. They are completely unnecessary in many chassis such as 240sx, so I don't want newbs spending a grand putting a hydro brake with dual caliper setup in a "street car" because they heard it was the only way to do it right. The rule book is setup carefully to protect people from themselves, and hold their hands into building somewhat sustainable drift cars.

Before I get into things here as well, a lot of people in this thread are immediately freaking out saying how is this cheap drifting? Blah blah blah. Drifting isn't cheap, I didn't say it was. What drifting is is rad. Rad a fuck. If you don't like drifting, no problem. The two day events with parties and camping are so much fun now. These event are for people that have disposable income to throw at cars and fun. Yes playing Xbox at home might be more fun for some people and cheaper, I agree. Yes some people can't afford SR20 swaps and other cool stuff, well, that is the cheap part. The expensive part is actually operating the cars at drift events. The build cost of a drift car is just the price of admission, and not even the real cost. I say all this not to antagonize people or get them angry, but just to state my point of view : )

Lets move on. The purpose of this series is to create a series for fun drift cars that can be driven to and from events without trucks and trailers. The cars must be capable of being driven around and not be miserable pieces of crap on the street that the owner hates. Proam cars have deviated from this path really heavily obviously. We want the cars to be maintainable and simple, but remain fun. So all these things lead us to our rule book as we are forming it. By the way, the rule book might seem a tiny odd at times, but it is made so we can easily tech cars and limit them. No HP by weight, HP cap, or any of that stuff is reasonable as I am not scaling every car or bringing a dyno with me!

The basics involve:

1. Bolt in or weld in cages with door bars, full interior cars. Front bucket seat for driver at the minimum.

2. Engines mods are open but stock injectors must be kept to limit what you can really do with all those mods. No turbos added, no NOS, no SC additions to NA motors unless otherwise specified. I am not worried about the addition of things like cams and stuff as we cannot really check on them, and on most motors like SR20 they would be a detriment, not an addition. On most NA stuff, the car will max out injectors and not be able to utilize too much extra power anyways.

3. Motor swaps may be from same chassis stuff unless otherwise specified. This means an e36 325i may receive an S52 motor from an M3. A 240SX may receive an SR20. Because of the huge popularity of the 240SX chassis, we will allow KAT cars with T25 and 370cc injectors to be considered the same as SR20 basically. At the moment I am contemplating a very specific VVTI 1JZ swap into the IS300 because it makes sense, stuff like that.

4. Suspension is pretty much open, knock yourself out.

5. We don't want hydro e brakes except in cars with e brakes that are lacking, as to save people money.

6. Kenda tire rule is there to simplify the rule book, allowing a tread wear rating, or anything else would be a huge pain in our ass as a series. I am NOT teching everyones tires and reading labels for 3 hours every morning, then checking cars again later. I am not weighing cars and measuring tire widths. And I don't want somebody building a SN95 cobra with 500 whp on 305 Achilles 123s lol, this simply takes care of all those problems in one easy hit. Plus they are cheap for Houston people since their are now distributors in the area selling the tires super duper cheap.

Remember, this rule book is setup to exist within the SPIRIT OF STREET CARS that are fun and cool and enjoyable. If you want a gutted car with a bigger turbo, Proam is for you. If you want a rotary powered LS400 drift car with a T51R on it, go do Proam. I have a feeling Proam is going to get really interesting next year as people figure out how to build faster cars, and refine what they have in the off season, and as they start getting the cars really light.


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Also, we speak about these rules with the drivers at events as we formed them, I do not really form them on the internet, as I am far more concerned with what our drivers want. They are the ones that put their hearts and souls into this, and millions of hours of effort : ) Everyone has an opinion on the internet, but they have less weight and value compared to the drivers at the events, I want to please those people the most and make sure they are having the most fun possible. If you plan to drive the series please contact me directly and chat with me, as I don't read all the different threads around the internet about this series that are popping up.

This series sounds fun enough that we have multiple FD drivers that are going to ship street cars to Texas for the year to drive with us : )
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