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I know right? hahahahahahaha
Originally Posted by RedstarDriver View Post
Mike, what percentile did you graduate in from high school?
Originally Posted by stuntmanmike View Post
i swcored top 3% of dropouts
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Originally Posted by SnafuPossum View Post
back in the daily drifter days, you were a billy badass if you had a sr running 12+ psi, and the tracks you were lucky to hit second the top of second gear. lonestar did so to become a legitimate sanctioned event and because of safety.
lone star started cages because insurance required it ,
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I fuck cats
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Originally Posted by zaquanh View Post
lone star started cages because insurance required it ,
only insurance i need is another cold beer waiting for me when I crash my kar...while it's crushing me to death because I didn't have the proper safety equipment.
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