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crzycav86 watch out ebay
Talking Omg Omg Omg... Boost

Well... it looks like I'm just about finished with my kat project.

Yesterday I rattle-canned the IC piping, today I installed and clamped everything down. Then I started the car. It fired right up and idled perfectly. After it got warmed up, I backed it down off of the rollers and made a few passes up and down the alley....


It was quite a new experience. Over 3 months went by without driving the car. Boost comes on at 2500, and after that, first gear comes to an end in a snap. I only drove it for a few minutes, but those few minutes will be in my memory forever.

Today was not without its share of problems, however. It came to my attention that I have a pretty massive oil leak. I saw it coming because my oil return line is pretty crappy.. I just wanted to ignore it and hope nothing would happen. Wrong I was.

Another minor problem: the bypass valve is having some hood clearance issues. It's an easy fix, but still a problem.

After fixing those two apparent problems, I'll work on fabricating the exhaust... After everything is finished, I'll toss the wideband on and see what I can do about getting good a/f.

I decided to spare you all the crappy camera phone pictures. That means I'll post up good pictures taken with a digital camera tommorow or monday.

exciting times.......
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