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Fearless probable wing man
Lowering Cross-member to drop oil pan.

I'm getting ready to drop my oil pan on my hatch. Never did it before so I'm trying to get a attack plan since time is always limited. Did some research and here are my questions.
If I drop the Cross-member with the power steering lines still attached and how much space will this give me?

Also going to try to loosing the motor mounts and jack up the motor by the trans to try to get some more space. Have to figure out how to break them loose. Does anything need to be unplugged harness wise for this? Doing this by myself so trying to get it all figured out. Thanks ahead of time.

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reppin tha H
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You shouldn't have an issue with the harness or getting the pan off by doing what you've stated. The huge problem you will run into is reinstalling the oil pan and getting the rtv to seal. Two things are going to 99% sure to happen; you're indefinitely going to scrape the rtv off on something when trying to position the pan, leaving a bare spot where you will have a huge leak. And, there is oil on the inside of the block that is going to be running down to the mating surface of the oil pan that will contaminate the rtv and also cause a massive leak.
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Just jacking the motor up as high as it would go gave me room to get the pan off. I stacked scrap pieces of 2x4 on the shock towers, then put a piece of 4x4 across. You can jack it up on the front of the oil pan. Just use a piece of wood to spread the load. Once I jacked it up, I just used ratchet straps from the exhaust and intake to the 4x4 to hold it in place.

And like he^^ said, take your time on the reinstall. It will be a pain.
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vIn@dRiFt@" probable wing man
Are you just using silicone or a gasket fir the oil pan?
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make sure to check tightening specs and pattern to re installing bolts.
i normally just put the bolts in just enough to catch. then let it sit for about 5 mins then snug the bolts down in the correct sequence and then go back over them doing only 1/4 of a turn with your ratchet.
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Im Sleepy
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Do not over torque the pan bolts, they will snap!
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Motor is attached to the crossmember. It would more then likely be easier to find a way to undo the motor mounts then lift the motor up enough. Ideally you would want to pull the motor out though to make it easier in the long run. Not to mention you can clean everything but thats only if time and tools permit
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What i always have done is
loosen motor mounts and subframe
raise motor by jacking trans and let subframe hang with gravity
take off pan bolts.
take off oil pickup tube bolts(you can only do this if you not a fat boy)
slide pan off and silicon or add cork gasket(my preference)
reverse order to reinstall

like i said this only works if your skinny. but i have had much better success with this then trying to silicon. Every time i try to silicon while the pan is still on the motor i mess it up. I know others have had better success with it but i was never as fortunate. haha
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WileCyot probable wing man
Pull motor and do it properly.
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crossmember, oil pan

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