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got240? probable wing man
240 acting up

I have 95 S14, Stock KA, 5 speed.
Changed spark plugs few months ago. Now, it is acting up. It has over 180k miles.
Drove it to Austin, which was a bad idea btw, and when I got there it started to act like it is about to stall or it is gasping for air. Also, at some point it totally dies down. But good thing was able to start back on. Went to a shop, and of course it doesn't act up. But they said it could be my relay.

Any inputs will be helpful. Kinda new to the 240 scene, or car scene in general so please bare with me.
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Kouki Daily
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PacS14 probable wing man
Before you do anything check for codes. If something comes up obviously tackle it.

When the car is sputtering pull one spark plug cable at the time if the car dies or gets worse that cylinder is good, the one that does not affect anything is the bad one (if it happens) then it will be either a bad injector, bad cable, bad spark plug, or worse bad cylinder.

If all four made it worse, check your grounds and your distributor cap and rotor.

Good luck and report back.
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