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Question Aint got a clue, Please help.

Ive got a 92 Coupe with Stock KA, It ran fine except it needed a clutch. Bringing it home from the shop my buddy was driving it and said that he heard a loud pop and the car died. It also wouldn't start back up, It would turn over though. I was told it was the crank angle sensor (which is in the distributor on a 92 right?), So i bought a brand new distributor and put it in. It started but was running funny,It idled but when you gave it gas it would die. I wasn't sure why, but i guess it was just timed wrong so i redid the timing. This time it wasn't getting spark to the distributor from the coil so i replaced the coil. Now it still isn't getting spark, Anyone know what the problem is. Any help is appreciated, and thanks to those that took their time to read this as well.
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Check your fuses. Could be as easy as that to fix
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^^ this is a good place to start would explain the pop

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always start with the basics

check for air,fuel spark.

you said your missing spark is it getting correct fuel? Nothing blocking the passage of air(bag in the airbox.etc).
could be wiring is why it's acting up. could be incorrect timing set from the distributor. easy way to check for spark pull a spark plug wire and ground it again your strut tower. watch it spark. usually you can tell pretty easy if it is good or not. go from there
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