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How To: Quest Alternator Upgrade

HOW TO: Quest Alternator in S13 (ka24de, not sure about sr20…it should be the same)

Most of the information I found on this led to broken links, no pictures, and tons of jumbled information….which is why im writing a new one.

What you will need:

• 93-98 Nissan Quest Alternator (110 or 125 amp)
• Dremel or something of sort to shave down some parts on alternator
• Drill with drill bits
• New belt (not necessary – will get belt size tonight).

First start by showing the main differences between the alternators. For the most part they are relatively the same. The Quest is a tad big bigger overall and the mounting holes are a little offset (which is why I had to get a different belt).

Start out by drilling the bottom bolt hole out. I put masking tape over the alternator holes to prevent shards from getting in there.

S13 alternator - .494”

Quest alternator - .310”

After drilling

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The next thing required is to grind down the upper mounting flange since it is a little thicker. This affects how the alternator hits the tensioner bracket. You don’t have to get it exact, just make sure there is enough room there for it to freely move back and forth.

Comparisons – Quest alternator is thicker

S13 alternator - .871”

Quest alternator – 1.061”

Slide the alternator back in and make sure it fits around the bracket. If not just take off enough material for it to clear. When putting the alternator back in, I noticed that the top of the housing was hitting the vacuum ports that run below the intake manifold. I tried trimming it down but it still didn’t seam like the stock belt was long enough. Ended up getting the next size bigger from oriellys. With the bigger belt the alternator will max out the adjustment bracket when tightening (I have an underdrive pully so that might affect it a tad bit). If you feel like you need it tighter, you can slot the tensioner bracket a little more.

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great write up. thanks for the info!
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we really need to make a "how to" subforum. no one posts DIY threads thats why there is no demand for it.
nonetheless GREAT write up as usual!

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For the different belt you need. On the P/N of the belt the last 3 digits for stock are the length in cm. The original belt ends with a 305. The new belt needs to end with a 320.

Hope that helps
Original 1992 240SX owner , Long before all the hype..


Build Thread http://texasnissans.com/tx/forums/showthread.php?t=8307
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adding info
Originally Posted by corby baby
the belt size you need is dependent on what size crank pully you have. with an underdrive pully, i actually had to use a gates belt K040305.

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