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Houston Race parts and supplies.

There are a hand full of Racing parts and equipment suppliers in Houston.

My favorite is right off of Richmond near Fountainview.:
Pro Am Racing
6125 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77057

Pro Am Racing. Very nice guys and they even race in the Chump racing series. Ask for John. He'll take care of you.

One supplier to the north called Competition Sales.

Competition Sales. @ 8902 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037. On the South/East side of Hwy45 and Gulf bank. They have a good catalog and can assemble braided hoses for you.

and one to the south near Hobby airport called

Engine and Performance Warehouse. (formally know as Texas performance distributors).

Engine and Performance Warehouse.
Edit: new ownership does not sell to the public. You can call and they will take forever to answer and they will direct you to someone with an account.

If you have any experience with these guys chime in and post.

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I dont see how these people can pay their rent...
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Competition sales has been around forever. My dad used to buy parts from them way back in his hayday.

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^LOL Indeed.
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