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abrown187 probable wing man

Hey 240 guys and gals.

My name is Andrew and I've been racing 240's for almost 10 years now. I've used this site to help with finding parts and getting technical advice for a while now but I've never posted.

My race team, Split 5 Ways, have been successfully racing against Miatas in Chump Car and World Racing League endurance racing which is hard to do using a platform primarily used for drifting and not for road racing.

We have much love for our 240sx which has been a great race car. After 9 years of racing we have moved up to a faster car and are selling our excellent 1991 S13 coupe.

I will be posting this car soon and just wanted to let everyone know who I was and what my background is.

I've managed to build a pretty fast road race car so hit me up with any track related questions you have.


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Welcome Andrew. Cheers. Glad to have your experience.
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