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HELP..S14 ka24de in s13 with ac...

So awhile back I put a s14 ka24de in my hatch and now it's getting stupid hot and I want to install ac in it... I picked up a s14 ac compressor, condenser, lines and canister, but after installing most of the stuff I ran into a problem..
S14 compressor has a different plug on the compressor and the canister near the battery...
Has anyone done this setup before? And if so could you chime in and help a bortha out...
It is a 90 model hatch and I changed the evaporator out to a 93 s13 as well so I think I should be headed on the right direction...
Is it possible to just change out the compressor plug to a s13 plug and wire it up?

Also, with the s14 engine I'm running s13 lower intake, dizzy and maf so technically it's just a s14 block and head with upper intake...if that's any helpful info
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