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So not too much has gotten done in the last two weeks because of work, but heres a small update. My front crossmember was bent where the rack bolt down so i got a free one from bullfrog. Thanks broski! So i notched it enough to get the motor in. Later I'm going to cut a little more off of it and reinforce it.

Next, I beat the hell out of the trans tunnel and made the motor mounts and trans mount.

And today we started working on the front end. Neither of us have really bent or measured tube, so we didnt get a whole lot done, but it was pretty cool learning how to do it.

I also started ordering some new parts this weekend, all thats really left to get the motor running is the clutch/flywheel, harness/ecu, and various fuel system parts. Ill aslo need to get my driveshaft shortened just a bit. where i have the motor placed, the aluminum f-body shaft i picked up is just a hair too long. I'm so stoked to get this thing driving!
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