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Originally Posted by Munki View Post
Do any of you guys still have a 240? Seems this part of the car scene is dead now days...

I still have one but its sitting in my storage unit in fort hood. It's been there for over two years and I have not seen it once in the past few years. Might not even be there anymore!

If you still have one post up pics! if you have that gay ass rocket bunny shit on your car please don't post it in here...
Really don't think anyone cares what mine looks like. Had it for over 10 years now and it pretty much looks and runs exactly the same. Just a gutted 240 that I drive all the time. I mainly ride bikes these days, so my money is mostly spent on that, but my 240 is special to me. I'll never get rid of it. Maybe once I get a bigger boy job I will make it cool, but prob not. haha
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