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Originally Posted by 240sxorty View Post
Ok sorry it took so long.

Realistically, being at the beach at 10:00 is what I'd like to shoot for. To save time at the main rendevous point, we'll have a marked outline for our group/car photo-shoot. as people arrive, they'll line up they're cars to the outline. I want us to leave the Garden Ridge/Hooters parking lot at 9:30 for the beach.

A few things we need help with. I have a 20x12 tent that I want to set up early in the morning, as well as reserve some beach area for us to park. We'll park back along the dunes. A few cars will park on the beach side as a gateway and also to keep others from parking near our beach village. Beach village you ask? That is where we'll have our pop ups tents setup for shenanigans.

--- I few people will have to take this on. A team of 3-4 heavily armed professionals will do. They will also need to stay there to watch the area/tent till the hooligans arrive.

I need one person to help me at the Garden Ridge/Hooters parking lot. The main rendevous point. Ill bring materials. Together we'll temporarily mark the car shoot spots. This will be early. Like at 8am. Who will help me with this.

Things to bring.

Car,window marker paint. jus fo funs.

Easy up Tents, chairs, sunscreen, bikinis, what eva.

Charcoal, meat to grill, drinks to chill. (I'll have a large grill there if you cant fit your own. just bring a small bag of charcoal to cook meats and stuff.

Bring your party face/game. This will be as fun as we want it to be.

Have I left anything out?
i do have a request can ppl please keep there pets away from the food ,i know some of u might wanna bring there pets n stuff but this last meet we were kinda crowded under the tents and i didnt like pets near my food ,specially while we were trying to eat ,thank u thats all
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