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Originally Posted by SnafuPossum View Post
this, also your battery could have a bad cell in it, where the only way you can tell it is bad is by doing a load test. Most auto parts have the equipment to do the load test but make sure they actually do it since a lot of them are lazy you know whats and will just check voltage and throw you back out the door. One time I went to the autoparts to get a new battery, came back home didnt work, went back up there got another, came back, didnt work yet again, brought it back up there and they said well its showing 12v but it isnt working, so I made them do a load test and it ended up being a bad cell. Grabbed a battery from a different shipment and it was good to go.

Just play with it, with the key in different positions, pushed it a little more, pulled out a little more etc etc. it sounds like it is something else but wont hurt to try and maybe its a coincidence on the symptoms.

But for instance on one of my s14's the accessories (stereo, windshield wipers, etc) would not come on unless the the key was turned back a little after the car started.
Okay so Update.
I replaced the battery after I found out the other new one I had gotten was sitting on shelf for 3yrs.
But still didn't fix my issue. I still have to jump the car for it to start. EVERY TIME I JUMP IT, the car starts NO PROBLEM. Today was different though, I started the car and let it run for almost 10mins. Shut her off then about 20 mins later she started up after 2key turns then 3 times back to back after that. Waited about 30mins and she started up again twice, then no more after that. So WTF!? Lol
To add, I cleaned up all my major grounds going to the starter battery etc. Still did nothing. I checked fuses, all good. No way it's the key tumbler because it starts when jumped no problem.
The starter is brand new, the alternator stays at a Constant 14.40~V when running. Therefore that's not the problem. And all connections are tight.
This simply makes no sense to me. Could it be that need to replace my lower harness?
Also I read about the clutch safety solenoid going out and causing this problem as well, but where is this located at? Also isn't it directly connected to the small starter signal wire coming off of the starter? Think maybe it should be replaced?
This car has been the biggest headache for the last 3 years. I just want to fix it then sell the damn thing.
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