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Please Help. Not starting.

Okay guys, my car has been giving me problems for the last year or so with starting and other issues. It is literally and I kid you not, one fkn thing after another. The car will be going up for sale once I fix the issues. But one problem I cannot get passed is the starting issue.
I have an s14 sr20det, the starting issues have been persistence for almost a year now. I originally began to think it was my battery starting to go dead. Sure enough my battery was well outta date but still had a bit of juice in it. About a month ago I was trying to figure the issue and while under the car I was messing with the starter, banging it and what not see if would engage, never did until I accidentally jumped the starter with a volt meter and it turned over. Immediately I knew the relay must have been bad. So just 2 days ago after the car had been sitting for months. I got new battery anda new starter. I installed them both. After jumping the battery to be sure it had good enough starting power, the car started up just fine. I let the car die then tried again...nothing. Jump it again and it started. I left it alone until today because I needed to replace a fuel line. Although This morning just or shits and giggles I wanted to see if it would start over, and it did! Later on when I got home, I tried again and it turned over (I didn't start it though because of the leaky fuel line.) Anyways so after installing the fuel line. I start her up and she runs perfectly fine W/O a jump.
I go for a drive and stop to get gas, as soon as I try and start it, there was a very slight hesitation. Didn't think too much of it but it did worry me.
Got home after a little drive and then tried starting it up immediatly after I shut her off and nothing. Not even a click from the starter, or if there was I couldn't hear it at all. Only from the fuse box under the dash could I hear *clicking. Tried countless times after and nothing, this was what my original problem was from the beginning and I'm nearly to the point of just getting rid of the car and taking what I can for it.
Sorry for such a long read, I apologize I just really REALLY need someone's help with this. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
Also, I intended to see if my alternator is bad but I don't know how to check that, my jumping cables have a tester built in that'll tell me if my altenator is bad but I'm not sure I could trust it. But if anyone knows how to check the alternator w/o taking it to an auto shop, please instruct me on how to do so.

Thank you guys! Let me know if I missed any info you would need to further help me help you to help me lol.

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