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Originally Posted by FbodTrek
I didn't invest my time and money into a car to piss it off around a bunch of cones

I have no intrest driving on a course, for the simple fact that I don't get to feel enough acceleration
then dont bring out a slow peice of shit

or nearly enough adrenaline.
yeah, blasting aroudn a track at the cars limits or slightly passed, thats gay.

I've done some AutoX in my bored me greatly
was it BORING or did you suck at it and not wanna go back and learn?

(I do enjoy watching others do it though, even if alot of them can be snobby sometimes).
how the hell do you enjoy watching auto-x? "oh man he got so close to those cones, dayyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm" theres a reason auto-x isnt a growing spectator sport...

Just as with my Camaro, this car is for one purpose- ENTERTAINMENT.
then go auto-x it , that shit is fun. i bet drifting is gay too. man sliding around fucking cones, gay. my mid 15 second turbo car doesnt accellerate so drifting is gay.

seriously this post was one of the est posts ive seen in a while on here. gay in a gay way, not like homosexual gay way. but a gay way.