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Well Idk about yall, But I was fucking this crazy chick In a Galveston hotel restroom. While there were like 4 other people passed out in the room. but anyways We are all fucked up and people puked in the bathtub the smell was awful... (btw, Worst sex in my life) and we were going at it and I was about to be at round 2. ( I was pretty drunk at this point) and she just puts her finger in my ass! like WTF?!?!?!I just immediately got soft, I grab her hand and yell, What the fuck do you think you are doing?! and she responds, I like assholes. And I grab my clothes and walk out and go watch tv. she tries to get out but ends up passing out on the ground. like don't you evar stick your finger in my butthole! EVAR! Thats a big no no.

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I am a the buyer for sp if anybody needs anal beads I got you. Lmao to the original post.
get me this
92 drysump ls1 garage ornament

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