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Originally Posted by Munki View Post
damn 4.5k for a half gutted rolla? O_O
Are you familiar with these? that's about how much the parts alone would sell for,let alone the car.
Considering I have the interior parts for the dash, console etc, and considering its probably the most famous fanboy toyota out there (and isn't that common), it seems like a very reasonable deal to me.
Rolla parts aren't really as cheap as 240 parts, I have both types

Original GTS Hatch shell w/cage =2.0k
Koenig wheels with nice kumho rubber $400
Driveline and GTS gas tank=$200ish
gts rear axle with cusco diff=$1,400
Levin front end conversion parts=$1200
Last gen Gze with HKS cams/springs etc=$1000
FM cooler setup=$100
W transmission with custom bellhousing and new clutch parts= $600 ish
GTS T50 trans=$600
Kouki tails=$400
new mishimoto Rad, Header, and greddy exhaust, new megan mounts =$700ish

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