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Originally Posted by PacS14 View Post
For both of you there might be more than just one thing wrong with it since these are old cars now:
1- MAF not just clean it, open it and check the contacts inside, solder them if need to, or do it just in case.
2- knock sensor, if your MAF tripped even if it was just temporarily and the knock sensor was bad already it can cause the issue you both experience, you can test by unplugging your knock sensor, then resetting the computer even if there were no codes, with a scan tool none of that unplug the negative or whatever crap that will not completely work.
3- AICV valve in the back of the manifold plugged or dirty, a quick way to clean is just unplug the vacuum hose and hit it with carb cleaner or brake cleaner while the car is running, the put the hose back on and see if it made a difference.
4- vacuum leak somewhere, if you have never replaced all the vacuum hoses now is a good time to do it, actually this should be number one.
5- somehow the timing skipped, check just in case also check distributor cap and rotor.
6- with these older cars instead of just replacing parts try to narrow it down by troubleshooting. And on these cars a MAF circuit board will hardly ever go bad most times is just dirty or the contacts inside separate enough cause it to fail.
7- if you still can't fix it sell it to me I'll give you $500 on the spot for your car

lmfao, #7 I love it.
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