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OR, if you don't mind investing some time into the POS you could do the following...,

-Make a fiberglass mold of the piece of shit knock off wing
-Pour RTV cast into the mold and wait
-take you're new super flexible wing and put it on the trunk where you want it. (it'll bend along with the trunk lid line perfectly)
-make a new fiber glass mold with it on the trunk
-put the mold to the side and then make a mold of the trunk lid
-At this point you should have two molds, trunk lid mold and the ugly ass wing mold. now make a part from each mold.
-Take both parts and glue them together with 3m epoxy glue, then you cut the edges till its in the correct shape. then sand edges. once you have both parts finally together you can clean up the edges with some resin and sand to a smooth finish.

If you take the time to do all that you'll have an ugly ass ricer wing that fits better than something OEM.
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