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Smile Ummm...F.Y. Information!! lol

Okay, since it seems like some of you can't read, or think you'll get a different answer if you word you questions differently I'M NOT LEAVING THIS WEBSITE!! There!! I highly doubt sr20funnymoney and I are going to break up. But if we do, I'm not gonna split. I didn't join this to talk to him. I'm here strictly for 240s. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HARD HEADS!! I don't have a bike yet. I'm getting one this summer and I WILL post pics as soon as I can[[= and that's a promise. What else....the trip's coming up and I WILL be going, can't wait. I just wanna know whose idea it was to meet at HOOTERS!! lol jk It doesn't really bother me. Is it true that there's really going to be motorcycles tagging along??
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