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Rb25det coupe project

Hey guys my name is oscar i got my project from srk2vane (Edward) for a hell of a deal and I'm looking forward to finish it my goals for this car is have it at around 500hp with stock internals and I would like to document it on here so here I go
I got the engine and shell around February of this year (sadly I got my phone stolen that had pictures of it from back then) and I have slowly been working on it trying not to take short cuts with it cause I want it to be reliable. I worked on it in my garage while working at discount tire and it had issues like it wouldn't want to start just like the former owner told me I checked grounds fuses igniter coils and nothing who would of thought the ecu was burnt up thanks to some very helpful guys that came down to were I stay to help me figure it out (the hood).

Knowing the engine was in working condition I decided to go on with the build ended up quoting discount tire to go work at Houston Z which I really appreciate Dane and Ben for giving a chance to work there I have around 4 months working there now and just got my 240sx into the shop this week and started to concentrate more on the build. Worked on it a lil today got some stuff done decided to give the engine bay a harness tuck so trying to figure out were to put everything but got the injector harness ticked counts as something lol took the intake and exhaust manifold of to see how easier it would get but that's about it so picture time

Injector harness tuck

Intake mani off also is there any way of getting rid of so many water lines I know ima have to add an oil cooler so ima be working on that to
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