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neko-romancer 09-22-2017 04:37 PM

1985 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 Levin
I have a 1985 GTS I'd like to get sold. My main reason for selling is that I don't really have time for it, but me never being able to fit inside of it is another large reason. I'm to tall for this car, and it really was an impulse fanboy purchase. If you are Less than 6'3 and want a good ae86 project this is the car for you. I also really would like to sell it just cuz I need money for proffessional school stuff etc

1985 Corolla gts
AE88 vin, so original GTS, Clean title
Cluster reads 167k, but car has been swapped so I don't know if it's original or not

Cusco LSD
15'' Koenig watanabe knockoffs w/good falken rubber
slotted rotors
stainless lines
upgraded tension rod in rear
Walboro fuel pump
MOMO steering wheel with quick release
Knockoff taiwan recaro's
Autopower rollcage
Most parts were installed by PO in the early 2000's
Has early 2000's "gymcana" adjustable dampeners, one of which is blown.
Kouki Levin front, with front Lip
Kouki redline tails
Apexi rev meter (old, not installed currently cuz new harness)
Apexi SAFC (old, have not installed cuz new harness)
New megan racing engine mounts still in box
Brand new mishimoto rad w/electric fans
unknown header
Greddy DD exhaust
Replacement GTS underdash/bay harness, I've rewired it up for levin lights
*includes Old faulty harness with fuseboxes etc

Comes with a running Last Gen 4AGZE that i removed cuz it had a tore up wiring harness. I have extra coilpacks for it, and had installed new denso sparkplugs before I figured out it had faulty wiring. I also have the full starion intercooler setup with HKS shroom filter that it was running

Also comes with T50 trans w/Techno toy short shifter and another W-series trans (i think from a pickup?) with a nitekids? custom bellhousing. I also have an new exedy MR2 GZE clutch setup w/throughout bearing, but I dunno if it will work on a rwd setup[edit: it will work, provided with the ancillaries, some of which I have included(clutch fork, pilot, etc. I have a pickup throwout bearing, but have not tested its fitment) http://convertmotorsport.co.nz/conversion-parts/]

I had to fix the underdash harness because the car was bought with a toasted harness. I sourced another GTS underdash( which was a pretty hard source, and took a while cuz demand) and engine bay harness (w/4age engine harness) and have installed it, so the dash is out. I have all the interior and it is in average condition. the dash is slightly cracked but I have a dash mat for it. the rest of the interior parts seem fine.

no real rust other than a small fender bubble, underbody is in tip top shape









Car is a shell so you will need to bring a trailer. Car must be picked Up by the buyer, I cannot deal with shipping, I have very little spare time for that sorta thing.

Serious offers only please, I am in professional school, so I really don't have much spare time to show the car etc.

Car is located in College Station, TX, Which is about an hour out of houston

$4500 may trade for a running stick shift daily driver car of similar value
I paid 5k for it when I bought it, and have done stuff to it since then, and bought extra parts etc, so the price is pretty reasonable imo

Feel free to email me at drfalangist@gmail.com, if you have any questions

Munki 09-23-2017 09:17 AM

damn 4.5k for a half gutted rolla? O_O

neko-romancer 09-23-2017 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by Munki (Post 1044575)
damn 4.5k for a half gutted rolla? O_O

Are you familiar with these? that's about how much the parts alone would sell for,let alone the car.
Considering I have the interior parts for the dash, console etc, and considering its probably the most famous fanboy toyota out there (and isn't that common), it seems like a very reasonable deal to me.
Rolla parts aren't really as cheap as 240 parts, I have both types

Original GTS Hatch shell w/cage =2.0k
Koenig wheels with nice kumho rubber $400
Driveline and GTS gas tank=$200ish
gts rear axle with cusco diff=$1,400
Levin front end conversion parts=$1200
Last gen Gze with HKS cams/springs etc=$1000
FM cooler setup=$100
W transmission with custom bellhousing and new clutch parts= $600 ish
GTS T50 trans=$600
Kouki tails=$400
new mishimoto Rad, Header, and greddy exhaust, new megan mounts =$700ish

Munki 09-24-2017 09:23 PM

Yeah i am, i've owned 5 of them. Cant believe the prices on these...

neko-romancer 09-25-2017 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by Munki (Post 1044582)
Yeah i am, i've owned 5 of them. Cant believe the prices on these...

the prices have certainly increased from the early 2000's. I paid 5k for this one in particular. The prices of old toyotas and just toyotas in general is always pretty high

neko-romancer 10-06-2017 10:04 AM

would be willing to sell the engine/transmissions if so desired, or sell the shell separately. Would be willing to trade for like a little gas saver car

neko-romancer 10-17-2017 01:52 PM

Sold, please delete. thanks for the site

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